Are Fitted Kitchens The Best Option?

When it comes to having a new kitchen installed, whether it is for a new build or for a remodelling project the first question is what is the best type of kitchen to opt for?  The answer to this is undoubtedly going to come down to your preference in taste and what is going to work with the rest of the style of the house.  Another consideration is whether or not your planned kitchen is going to be an open style one or maybe it will be tucked away behind a major wall with an entrance through a doorway.  No matter which way you go one thing is going to be an overriding factor for most of us and that is cost.  How much can we afford to invest in this area of the house?

There are other questions that need to be thought about and answered.  How much light does the kitchen attract?  Will, it is a dark area with only installed lighting or with natural light flood the area.  Is the area in question one that will be used often and have other members of the family or possibly even friend to help you cook, or will space only be used on occasion for quick meals with no other quality time spent there?  Once you have answered these questions they should give you a guide as to the nature of the galley that you are wanting.  Now that there have been some basic laid the next step is the type of structure that you want the space to reflect.

For the purpose of this article, I propose that mentions of a fitted kitchen relate to those cooking spaces that have built-in furniture that covers all drawers and cupboards as well as the necessary accessories such as fridges, freezers, wet areas like the sinks and dishwashers.  These are items that have been measured by the construction team so that the cabinetry runs around the walls leaving openings that are just big enough to slide each appliance in to.  Extractor hoods also stand shoulder to shoulder with the cabinetry and in looking at the total effect appears that all pieces are mated together to give a complete flow through the room.  But are fitted kitchens the best option?

While fitted kitchens have become fashionable of late another resurgence in design is the idea of the transitional cookery space.  These galleys are more of a mix of traditional and more modern influences fused together in a way that brings a different form of harmony to the area.  Yet another style is the free-standing type which is exactly what it implies.  Think about country farmhouse where the majority of items are floor based and unfixed and easily moveable when required.  When new additions are added each original piece can simply be moved to a different part of the room.  The only exception with this relates to the electrical items that need to be close to the power outlets.  However with some creativity, unlike fitted kitchens, you have the opportunity of moving all furnishing and appliance around and the power cords can be neatly concealed behind free standing.  cupboards and tall boys. Other kitchen designs are basically the opposite.  They are more eclectic and which may have freestanding items, refrigerators that stand solo with no external cabinets.  There may be shelves and cupboards that hang from the walls in a manner that is not dependant on each other.

As an interesting side point, the more modern society becomes the greater the urge to label each and every styling as we find them from eclectic to industrial modernism.  It is sandwiched somewhere in between that currently does not have any labels of note that is beginning to interest the millennials.  With a wealth of styles available from every specialist store, local hardware and online supplier this younger generation are opting for anew self-serving style.  Self-serving as it is designed for their unique tastes, location, and environment.  Curtains are another area which can be altered with differing patterns, colours, and contracts to bring a mood change to the room.

Up until now we have been concerned solely about the actual structure of the kitchen and have not looked to the other areas which are causing fashion statements regardless of the initial kitchen style.  This relates to those areas of the kitchen that can be easily changed while having the impact of completely changing the feel of the environment.  Lighting is one of those items that, if initially structured can be changed easily and which can give a different feel and tone to the room.  Another growing option is the use of wall art.  The beauty of using wall art is that while it is very easily altered the huge range available allows you to change the feel and vibe to whatever you desire it to be for whatever occasion you are designing for.

Realistically, the initial question asked was whether fitted kitchens were the best option, but really there is no best option from the diverse range of possibilities that I would recommend to you.  At the end of the design and construction process, it is what most appeals to you and your lifestyle that will make the decision for you.  You are the only one who has to live with the completed project once you have paid for it and you also are the sole person who will need to use the new gallery space to construct the brilliant and tasty treats that will feed the dinner party guests or the family that you are cooking for.  It is your choice and the only recommendation that I can make is that you take the time to fully immerse yourself in the design, style, colouring, and placement of each item in the room in a manner that gives you the sense of self-achievement when you enter it.

So walk on, think, explore, design, construct and when done make the culinary magic that makes you and only you happy and feel vastly satisfied with yourself for a job well done!