Claiming for Antique Furniture Damage on your Home Insurance

Insurance is one of the biggest sectors of business. It has bent its traditional rules to accommodate clients’ needs. This service has extended from home to motor covers among other. There are some insurers who insure the entire house, including furniture. This policy has attracted a lot of homeowners. Accidents are unpredictable in that they can occur anytime. This can be really frustrating for homeowners if they lose both their homes and antique furniture. Insurance steps in and secures premises owners against unforeseen risks. People are also covering their antique furniture against damage. The process of making furniture home insurance claims is very difficult compared to other covers. Strict claiming processes have been established for various reasons such as:

  • Preventing people from gaining from damaged furniture. Claims can only be paid if they are accidental
  • Preventing homeowners from changing their furniture with damaged ones
  • It is a requirement for many Companies who insure valuable properties

There are some rules that should be followed when making claims, failure to which a person shall not be compensated. It is globally known that risks will only be compensated if they are accidental. Insurers require all their clients to prove furniture damage was accidental and beyond their control. This factor determines if furniture home insurance claims will be compensated or not. The next step entails notifying your service provider immediately an insured risk occurs. This helps in analyzing the evidence while fresh and hastening the compensation process. It is also essential that a person proves that the damaged furniture is his/hers. A purchase receipt is mostly considered as proof of ownership. There are three types of claim compensation that a person can receive from an insurer. It can either be repairing a section of the antique furniture if the damage is minor. Alternatively, a person can be bought similar antique furniture to replace the damaged ones. Lastly, a person can be compensated in terms of cash.

What happens if an insurance agency refuses to pay out claims?

There are many cases where a service provider refuses to pay out risks; even if they were accidental. This can be frustrating if a person doesn’t have any background information on policies. A person can hire a lawyer to assist in this process. A lawyer will start off by understanding why his/her client is not being compensated. Here are some reasons why a client might not be compensated:

  • Clerical errors- There are some cases where a client signs a contract containing a different risk. This is mostly due to clerical errors while the contract is being prepared. This is one of the reasons a person is advised to carefully go through the policy contract before signing.
  • If the client is demanding more than the value of the damage. Insurance companies pay out claims based on the damage, regardless of the premium rates a person pays. This is the reason clients are advised to pay premium rates less or equivalent to the value of their antique furniture.
  • If the client provided wring information regarding his/her antique furniture. This can be in terms of price and make among others.
  • If the insurer is a fraud. There are some service providers who have a bad reputation for refusing to pay out claims when they occur.

Most lawyers start off with meditation if they think the insurer is the one on the wrong. This is where the insurer and the client try to come up with an agreement. There are some insurance bodies that listen to cases of agencies refusing to pay out claims. Alternatively, there are some clients who prefer to go to a court of law to settle the dispute.

How to avoid a bad Insurance Company

So how do you identify a fake service provider that can bring problems when it comes to making furniture home insurance claims? Homeowners should stop the habit of looking for affordable rates. Fake or rogue service providers use this trick to entice customers to purchase coverage them. Instead, a person should start off by inquiring about the selected insurer. It can be through online platforms such as reviews and testimonials among others. A person can also request a personal interview with the selected service provider to inquire about their services. A person should pay keen attention to the physical surrounding of the office. Good service providers’ offices are usually full of clients. Moving on, a person should focus on a service provider who has been in the industry for a long period. There is no rogue or fake insurer who can stay in the industry for a long period without being discovered. Fake agencies lack operating licenses and documents. A person can avoid a fake agency by requesting the necessary documents that allow them to operate before commencing any transaction.

As we all know, the business world is shifting its gears from analogue to digital. This has led to the development of comparison websites to help clients find Companies from their Comfort zone. Homeowners can use these sites to find genuine and well reputable service providers. These sites mostly conduct thorough research before uploading the names of top service providers. Alternatively, a broker can help in identifying a genuine service provider. Brokers are familiar with different insurers as they are not limited to a single agency. They transact with different agencies regularly. This makes it easy for them to identify perfect agencies that their clients can approach.

Things that a person should keep in mind while looking for a perfect house cover. A person shouldn’t request a single quotation. Instead, he/she should request numerous quotations. This increases the chances of finding an affordable service provider. In addition to this, a person should always insure a risk that is likely to occur. Risks vary depending on a person’s locality among others. Lastly, a person should counter carefully read the policy contract before signing.

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